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Buying a home is the most valuable investment a person can make.
The costs in buying a home, is an investment in the home, you and your family safety.

It is important when buying or selling a home or renewing your home owners insurance policy, to go into the transaction well informed and confident with the knowledge of the condition of the home. A good home inspection is worth every penny regardless of cost. An annual home inspection is also a critical part of the home systems for homeowners, because regular high-quality home inspections can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs bills and insurance policy premium.

A home inspection may revealing hidden issues or existing damages with the Structure, Foundation, Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, Air Conditioning and Heating Systems, Wind Mitigation Features that the home owner would have not been aware of and in turn saving them expensive repairs bills by getting them in time before they become a big issues.

A good home inspection may help prevent a fire and safe lives by revealing hidden issues in the existing electrical system, gas heating system. The inspection can reveal issues with the smoke detector, fire alarm, like the proper location to install them and are the smoke detectors and fire alarms functioning. Issues with the means of egress "Exit A way Out" opening for window and doors are they clear and working properly in case of a fire to Escape the home.

You can count on us Home Inspection State Certify, LLC with our thorough home inspection service will make the home inspection process easier. With highly trained inspectors and exceptionally thorough reports with photos, we arm home Buyers, Seller and Homeowner with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Our mission is to consistently delivering superior home inspections service to our clients, that is set above the industry standard and provide everything the Client needs to make the best decision for them self and there family.

Call us Home Inspection State Certify, LLC for a 4 Point Inspection, Wind Mitigation Inspection, Structure Inspection, Foundation Inspection, Roof Inspection, Plumbing Inspection, Electrical Inspection, Air Condition and Heating Inspection, Buying and Selling a home or renewing your homeowners insurance policy inspection.

We provide Home Inspection service for Home Buyers, Seller, Homeowners, Property Management Companies, Apartment Rental, Realtors and Insurance Companies in Miami-Dade County and Broward County.

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We will perform the inspection in accordance with Florida Home Inspection Standards of Practice.


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