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"What is a Rental Property Inspection and why do I need it before moving in ?"

Home Inspection State Certify, LLC is a third party preforming an unbiased inspections of rental properties. The Tenant(s) and landlord or property manager can hire us to preform the inspection when they just have no time to do it them self. This inspection report with photos of the property rented and can be used, by the Tenant, Landlord or Property Manager for proof of the condition of the property before moving in or after moving out.

The inspection is done within 3 days before moving in or moving out of the property. The tenant(s), landlord or property manager can review, the inspection report and mutually agree on the condition of the property. Tenant(s) and landlord or property manager can use this inspection report, during the move out inspection walk through of the property.
To determine if any of the tenant’s deposit will be retained for cleaning or repairs after move-out of the property.

The inspection report is your proof as the tenant(s), landlord or manager of the condition of the property before moving in or moving out.

A routine rental property inspection preform by Home Inspection State Certify is a good way to track the condition of your property.

If you lose your report, just call or e-mail us and we will send you a copy.

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We will perform the inspection in accordance with Florida Home Inspection Standards of Practice.


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